Allow Buy Button to use PayPal

I would like to know if you would like to also enter a payment button using PayPal

We’re not too familiar with PayPal’s functionality here. I don’t even use PayPal personally.

Can you explain why you want this and what PayPal service we would use?

Also please use more descriptive topic titles. Calling this topic “Buy Button” makes it much harder for others who want PayPal support to find this thread and participate.

I live in Brazil and Paypal has the Portuguese version in addition to other languages. my customers will feel much safer making a purchase using a platform in their language.

Ok, sheltered by the board. I will do this in the next topics.

I use PayPal for a number of things. For me it’s like an electronic debit card as it is linked to my bank account. The only down side could be that it does pretty much immediately deduct the transaction amount from you bank. No time delay as in a credit card where it could be up to 2 months before you have to pay off the card.

But clicking on the “Pay with PayPal” button is super convenient, no typing in those long CC numbers and expire month and year, and 3 digit code, and Name on card input fields.

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My 2 cents… Stripe is expanding internationally, but very very slowly.
PayPal is already all around the world, it’s easy, fast and everybody trusts it.
In the rest of the world, most ppl have never heard of Stripe yet

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Ah, ok—this is about allowing users to pay with PayPal? Or app developers to receive money with PayPal? Or both? What’s the priority. You do not actually pay with Stripe.

Yes pay with PayPal. That does not mean that the user has to pay via his PayPal account. He doesn’t even need a PayPal account to pay by PayPal. The payor would be able to select the method of payment, CC, Debit Card or PayPal. I even heard mention of Venmo but didn’t see that option in their examples. For the receiving end of the payment, yes it would go to the sellers PayPal account.

I use it. If you create a buy now button, they supply you with a link (as long as its 1 option). Then take that link and place the URL in the spreadsheet and attach it. Works like a charm. Limited but works and it also gives them the option to pay by CC even if they dont have a pp account.

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I use Paypal for invoicing, recurring billings and receiving payments on multiple business Paypal accounts. I was just going to provide a link for their sign on … with the app. Would be great if more payment processing options were directly on the app. Could buy options directly interface for example with Quickbooks?

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