Action upon submission of Buy Button

Allow action upon submission of Buy Button.

Hi Glide team

I know this may not be important to you as yet, However I can suggest that if you have a cart option for non-stripe users and Push notifications I can promise you we’ll be having a lot of Pro accounts. I have about 10 Clients who are ready to go but Push notifications is one request they all have.

Is there maybe a timeline for it that we can use to manage expectations and maybe have accounts running and ca add it at a later stage

The issue with Push Notifications is that IOS doesn’t support them.
As a developer, I’d rather not have them until they are supported on all platforms, otherwise it becomes a huge support headache.


Okay I hear and agree, but we also have to remember like E.g Africa 90% of the audience is using Android devices and 10% IOS so it’s also a thing of I understand in Europe it highly IOS but Africa, India etc it’s Android users so maybe something to consider

Renamed this post. Other forms of payment was already requested here:

Yes! This got my vote.

Use cases

  • Inform people what will happen next. At this moment they will just see payment complete. Only thing I can inform them what happens next, is a zapier/integromat integration with stripe, and send them an email.
  • I would like to send people to a screen after they completed their stripe payment.
  • I would like to unlock content for people once they have completed their payment. Currently this goes through Glide stripe payment-> integromat/zapier → google sheets → Glide. Not ideal!