How to integrate PayPal me & PayPal!

First the codes. Please do not transfer any money into my demo account. The sheet records the entire transaction. I had to use an extended code (not script) for that. I will let you guys figure out (so don’t be surprised if my demo below shows exact amount also being asked for). I have given enough clues below!

Here is the code
![paypal]( bdg_now_accepting_pp_2line_w.png)




![paypal]( en_US/i/btn/btn_donateCC_LG.gif)



You change the logo by replacing the objects url. The sheet records the transaction which can be followed up with email confirmation by bouncing it to the client. I will let you figure this out :partying_face:



Okay now over to you guys!

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Smart. Bookmarking this for later.

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Thank you boss!!! :rocket:

Hey @Wiz.Wazeer

:pray: Wanted to say thank you for the link—made such a difference in my app for tipping after an order:


Fantastic, and thank you for this!

Now do me a favour…See some real magic!

See . select item wizChat or Glideapp store to see how it works. Please do not transfer any real money.

I have now fully integrated :partying_face:PayPal

You can do it too…the non-html payapal soft codes are with us now!

@Wiz.Wazeer, @Robert_Petitto

Hey guys I am having trouble setting up the paypal button. I am using the same way I have used before but it keeps saying that the profile is not found.

Edit: When I use the link my client sent, I cannot integrate the amount.

Could any of you help me out?

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copy it please

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I never thought of trying with Markdown :man_facepalming:t2:

Hey Wiz I was looking to integrate a Paypal link into my app and came across your post. Is there any chance you could make app copyable again?

Thanks in advance.

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does the link not work? Let me check

I have set it to copy…anyone feel free to make a copy.


Could you get this to work with Venmo?

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Sorry I have never used Venmo before. Had a quick scan of their site…Wait until Glide releases qr and barcodes…Then a lot of these gateways will become easier to access. I see Venmo has a QR facility like paypal and even a venmo me…Have a go at it…the principles are pretty much same when payment is via a URL or QR code. Might work.

Thank you!

Hey Wiz!

Good job, I really like your implementation!

Do you know any way on how to automate the payments confirmation? So that paypal could send the data on payment to the app after the payment is done. Because now users need to confirm the payments by pressing a button, If I got it correctly.

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