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In that case you need all the money to come into your account unless they can be trusted to release your %. You will need to place your pay URL inside each donation/thank you button. Once money arrives, you send each helper their share (a bit like a marketplace). This marketplace type of scenario is much easier to implement in Glide (I mean and the rest of that jazz). I don’t know anything of the tax laws governing this scenario in your country of origin, and it is not, frankly, any of my concern, but provided your happy with this sort of flow then its up to you.

What I should draw your attention to though is Glide’s stance on certain morally dubious topics like Gambling/Escorting services apps. Please speak to Glide before going ahead with such applications.

How do I do that?

  1. On each helpers profile you have donation button. This would be your or payrequest or any other link.
  2. Each helper submits their paypal or whatever link
  3. You could get helpee to use helper’s name as reference.
  4. When money arrives into account, send helper their share.

There are some threads on this forum you may find useful. My thread covers PayPal and has a donation button you can just copy/paste inside a rich text compo. Then we have Pay here and PayRquest…All work !

Thank you

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