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Is there a way people in my app can pay other members?

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It look like you trying to create a gambling app… lol
You might end up paying tax for all cash flow back and forth, plus transactions fees … probably not good solution for you :wink:

I am not making a gambling app… I am making A Little Help and when someone finishes someone task I want them to pay the other person.

Same structure… credit cards processors always report transactions

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You are the owner off the account, all transactions fees and taxes will be on you.
If there is a lots of transactions with large values… that’s a lot of money to pay, make sure you add fees and taxes to these transfers and put them on side


How about a donation button for every little help? Only flip side Is you would need all your users to submit their PayPal or PayRequest link. You could maybe:

  1. Ask each member to submit their or PayRequest link. Mind you in some countries these services are not available.
  2. Wrap the link inside a donation button and place it somewhere on the helpers’ public profile page.
  3. The helpee if satisfied with the little help can make a small donation (tax free) to the helper. All the helpee needs to do is add whatever sum they want to donate at the end of the pay URL.
  4. If the idea :bulb: also is to keep a little of the donation for the use of your platform from the helper, then not a very good idea.

Just a thought.

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you have to study fine prints in these services agreements that you click to agree when signing in. if is only a few transfers with small amounts, i know it will not be a problem… but when it will grow… you might find yourself in trouble. tax free??? you must be registered as non profit tax exemption organization… and sign separate agreement. just saying… you might get lucky… but … be aware.


Yes I see your point. Would the same apply though if i was making a donation to you via this forum for helping me? What if I decided to donate a couple of dollars to say @WolfGamer and a long list of others for helping me with formulas and whatnot but on each occasion the money was not being sent via a glide account but going directly into each helpers account? I can see where it can get tricky.

is all up to you how you gonna deal whit legal therms… you can report it as your income or detectable… or not report it… also these who received or paid might or not… than you have a problem when someone report it as donation or deductible cost of business… and you did not… IRS can cross examine it and find you…

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Got it, Tx. As long as the laws of the country allow it, then it’s okay.

it is all problematic… in most cases nothing happened… but… sometimes…


I want to keep a little of the donation for the use of your platform from the helper…
How do I do that?

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In that case you need all the money to come into your account unless they can be trusted to release your %. You will need to place your pay URL inside each donation/thank you button. Once money arrives, you send each helper their share (a bit like a marketplace). This marketplace type of scenario is much easier to implement in Glide (I mean and the rest of that jazz). I don’t know anything of the tax laws governing this scenario in your country of origin, and it is not, frankly, any of my concern, but provided your happy with this sort of flow then its up to you.

What I should draw your attention to though is Glide’s stance on certain morally dubious topics like Gambling/Escorting services apps. Please speak to Glide before going ahead with such applications.

How do I do that?

  1. On each helpers profile you have donation button. This would be your or payrequest or any other link.
  2. Each helper submits their paypal or whatever link
  3. You could get helpee to use helper’s name as reference.
  4. When money arrives into account, send helper their share.

There are some threads on this forum you may find useful. My thread covers PayPal and has a donation button you can just copy/paste inside a rich text compo. Then we have Pay here and PayRquest…All work !

Thank you

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