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Good morning legends

Needing some help to. My students are wanting to create an app that allows other students and parents to make a donation to help support koala rehabilitation.

We have made a voting mechanism (already built in the app) for people to vote for their cutest koala. We want a simple way so that when people vote, they have to first donate as a condition, (preferably able to set their own donation level, $1 to $100). Thinking we have to integrate the condition with a third party pay wall.

Any thoughts on how to make this, greatly appreciated !!

So are people forced to donate to vote, or it’s just a pop up?

PayHere might help with this, but want to listen more about your ideal flow.

Hi there ThinhDinh, thank you for your help. We want students and parents to be required to donate before they vote.

Thank you

Then I think one option for you is to use PayHere, and construct a donation link.

Give the user a choice that writes to a user-specific column in Glide, and dynamically add that part to the URL, show them a web embed of the final URL once the USC is filled.

Ok thank you will give it a try, the validation piece is the tricky part.

For that part, you can add a scenario in that listens to Payhere webhooks. Write the payment info back to Glide and validate based on that.

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Exactly. Love Payhere for this! Let us know if you run into any issues.


Ok got it, that is so cool. Thank you

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You can check Robert’s old thread here about PayHere + Make.