A Little Help Payment

Sure, So in my version of the app when a user makes a task i want them to pay a small fee so the person help them has a purpose to help. I also want myself to make a little bit commision because
I managing the app. So I would like any suggestions! Thanks!!

Gliders, any idea if this is possible?
I know it is possible to use PayHere or PayRequest of course to let people pay ‘to the app’.
But @WolfGamer wants more like a marketplace.
Is this possible and if so how?

@WolfGamer I think you can let people pay each other via PayPal for example, but if you want a percentage of that, it becomes hard, because then you need to become the payment provider yourself imho.

IS there a link for a paypal payment page or do they have to have a account? Sry I am not good at paypal! @erwblo

The thing is, whatever you do, people will always need accounts (bankaccount or paymentprovider accounts) if they want to receive / collect money. I myself don’t see a really good solution for your problem. I hope others do.

Hmm… Um i don’t care which provider I use I just want to get a commision cause I am paying for it to be on google play and I will manage it! @erwblo

I see what you want, but I don’t know the solution :wink:

I will try to figure out the payment system but thanks! Another problem I am facing is notifications. When someone posts a topic it should either send a sms text ot a email to them telling them that someone made a task! What other Gliders said is a little complicated but if someone can help me just answer in this topic or Dm me!

I would look into Zapier to connect to other services to realize this.

Ok,I will try

Do you have a suggestions of anything that should be in this app? I was thinking about adding a private chat but I do not know how. All apps come with global chat but not private!

I am a beginner and this is my second app that I am working on.

For private chat in Glide search the forum for things @Robert_Petitto does.

Ok let me check.

@erwblo Can you help me make a private chat?

I have never done that before, I will look into it tomorrow to see if I understand it enough to help you!

Thx, I will not be at my office for the next few hours. But bye!

Ans I will go to bed in a bit :wink:

For private chat, this may help Need help on creating private chat - #24 by Lisa

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