How I dynamically generate payment pages with PayRequest

Hi all, a little demo.

@PayRequest_Team see what I did and why a whitelisted Glide for embeds would be nice!


@erwblo like it :+1:

Will definitely be looking at this as an option for dynamic payments

Thanks for putting the demo together


Ty @erwblo for this tutorial! Keep up the good work :sunglasses:

Agreed it would be nice to keep it in webview.


Good stuff

This is great - thanks so much for the video tutorial!

Some initial questions:

1.) What happens AFTER the payment is complete?

2.) Can you connect the “Completed Purchase” in Glide?

3.) If yes to Question 2., can you create subsequent actions upon completed purchase in either Glide or Google Sheet(s)?

Again - great tutorial! Template trick is :ok_hand:


If you mainly have customers that use a credit card, the Stripe implementation in Glide is really nice and neat. I would do that.

In the Netherlands a lot of people use Ideal, you lose at least 30% of income when people can only pay via credit card. I like PayRequest because it combines a lot of systems.

At the moment PayRequest is an external link. So once you’re out of Glide unfortunately you stay out of glide.

The company is working on a possible embed option and on zapier / webhooks integration. After that there will be more options.


I love this. Great video @erwblo

I used to do this with PayPal but for some reason it’s not possible anymore.

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Thanks for this Erwin! Very helpful, have a great weekend yourself.

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What if you embed payrequest link in WebView component so that user do not need to go outside Glide?
I have seen @Manan_Mehta did this in one of his App with Razorpay.

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Wont work at the moment, but apparently they (PayRequest) may allow it in the near term future.

See here:

@Pratik_Shah Yeah, they put in on their todo-list, so hopefully in the near future.

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Oh sorry, I missed to see this post.

A little bump :slight_smile:
Currently we have a few Glide apps that use our iframes without the app to support payment requests.
It’s still a freshly released function but possible.

If you have a Payrequest Personal page, product or request link, just append iframe after the url.
A simple ( fake ) example:

Will be:

And you can even fill details beforehand:

Before the end of the month we will launch a simple document how to use PayRequest within glide.
( and how to alter our design to match yours )