Integration or Embedding? Stack overflow(( Help please

Glidermans, hello!
Am connecting local payment provider (Stripe does not work in our country), so there are two ways - but stacking on both.
Please help me to choose the right direction.

  1. FIRST WAY, should be easiest, but((…
    We have embed the payment form on “our website”, according to the payment provider rules & template.
    Since our app is PWA, then “our site” is the content collecting in the constructor. I made the form through the provider template, but can’t understand how to embed or open a needed link. Seems there could be a few options, - which is better?
    a) To show by the Rich Text Component: but it shows as a code, not as a page, see screenshot.
    b) To show by Webview: gives an error, does not show.
    c) To open Link: but this is no link.
    Please see what is it and which way i need to use?
    ===Payment template code looks like
    I’ve tried to paste it here, but it was not showed - there is a picture
    === end of payment template.

  2. SECOND way, by API integration
    I submitted a HTTP request to the Integromat by Webhook,
    get there the URL of the payment page.
    Then unfortunately there is no way (?) to open user browser by the getting URL inside Intehromat, to make the payment, so need return with getting URL via GS to Glide.
    But time has already passed there and the next in line Action (going next after Integromat calling) with Open Link is no longer waited for an answer from the Integromat. So does we need to put a separate second button for payment (and the first one was already for payment)?.. But even after the second button we would still have to wait for a notification of successful payment! This is already the third step of payment transactions - shall we put even a third button to be set, to finalize the payment total? Something is not right - too many steps for user in one payment(

Does someone solve similar trouble? Which way is better?
Thank you very much in advance

I recommend webview, but you’ll need to find a hosting platform that works with Glide…if you can build off of vercel, I know that’s been known to work.

you have to generate a payment link, and use it in a button to open a webview… then collect response via webhook to update your google sheet

What @uzo said…I discuss this here (albeit a stripe solution):

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I’m doing it with google scripts… so I can modify sheets according to the webhook response.

@Robert_Petitto strong textRobert, thank you very much, :pray:
Am going to discover) :biking_man:

@Uzo Uzo, thank you very much, appreciate :pray:

But the payment system which i am connecting with determine they need just a POST Request, not approve GET request. So to call this POST request, I use Action Set, where step 1 is Trigger Hook to Integromat, where the Post Request is placed.
And what we need to have a parameter for Webview there?

Understand about collecting response via webhook to update the google sheet.