PayRequest update with Paypal, VAT, products etc

One of the reasons I like and use PayRequest to sell stuff in combination with Glide, is that it supports Ideal (essential for the Dutch market). But price and options (products, subscriptions and more) as well. The way I can do dynamic pricing with templates is nice as well.
There’s a new version of PayRequest with PayPal support, VAT, products and more. There are other good services, but have a look at PayRequest too!


Ya…saw this come into my inbox this morning (and wasn’t surprised when I saw that you had commented on the post in Product Hunt).

Do they allow for embedding in a webview yet?

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I will ask!

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Hi Robert,
can you explain what you want to achieve?
It is possible to embed payment links on your payment page.

This is how I currently use Payhere in a Glide webview:

Currently, Payrequest doesn’t allow itself to be embedded in a Glide webview meaning users would need to be taken outside of the app to complete payment.


Hello Robert,
Sorry for the ultra late response. Maybe the next text will help you?
It’s still a freshly released function but possible.

If you have a Payrequest Personal page, product or request link, just append iframe after the url.
A simple ( fake ) example:

Will be:

And you can even fill details beforehand:

Before the end of the month we will launch a simple document how to use PayRequest within glide.
( and how to alter our design to match yours )


Nice! Will need to give yall another shot!

I use PayRequest for the Skates As A Service site I built, subscription on skates.