Seeking your feedback on paid templates 🤑

Hi everyone, I’m an intern at Glide and I’m working on a project to explore paid templates. We’re trying to understand what would make a template worth buying—whether it’s to save you time, help you develop and sell more apps to clients, add functionality, or something else entirely.

I’d love to hear from you:

  • What types of templates would you buy (or sell)?
  • Are you making apps for clients who are requesting anything that a new template would help with?
  • Which features or layouts would be worth buying as a template over building from scratch yourself?
  • What’s that project you’ve had on the wish list but a new template would help accelerate?

I’m all ears and would like to hear your feedback! Our plan is to offer some paid templates of our own to test, and then allow anyone to sell their own templates.


NB We may make templates that incorporate the feedback you provide here—in fact, this is why we are asking! For example, you might say ‘I’d love a recipes app template’, and then we might sell a recipes app template. If you object to this, please do not share your feedback.


A template for doctors, psychologist, masseuse… where their clients can book slots. I’ve done one and it’s working pretty well.
I use the filter by email, so when a slot is booked by someone, it’s no longer visible to the others.


I would do something similar to @David_Boval but for gyms. so the user can book a class & the gym is able to see on the backend who is coming to what class etc.


Thinks I think would be valuable for example:

  • A marketplace template (buy / sell)
  • A restaurant template (order a table / order food)
  • An online course template (sell a course, schedule lessons)

Hi @David_Boval, I would be interested to learn how you solved availability of time slots for users to choose from. I started a barber booking app, but having trouble with showing availble time slots,
thanks in advance


You have to let the user edit the slot record and have the user submit a form to save the email address. Use a switch button to setup the slot as “booked”
To list the available slots, use a filter : column “booked = false” or “booked = true and email = usermail@” … it’s for advanced users as you need to use a lot of tricks to get the result… glideapps is so flexible!

A paid templates marketplace? Glide worth it of course!

  • Easier for anyone else to start using glides without wasting time in building an app from scratch especially if it already exists and works.
  • Easier for anyone to sale their own templates to the community. (Exactly what i’m looking for)
  • In addition, a templates marketplace could help glide to grow up faster and enlarge the community by attracting people with stunning and useful templates.
  • For you one more way to do business and get money from people who only use the free plan.

I’m working at the moment on a glide app to help small businesses to stay tuned with their analytics in a easy, smart and usefull way. It include a start to use Google sheets with a lot of formulas and an app to display the data in a fancy way. At the end you manage your accounting via the Google Sheets and stay tuned with you business’s Kpi via the app. In my case a paid templates market place should help me to sale my work in a easy way (at least i hope so).
Good luck with this project!


Amazing! It would be like the Bubble marketplace?

I would like to sell ‘‘dark apps’’ and other apps useful for companies. Features appear every week or so, it’s fun to be creative with the limitation we have today. It is already solving problems! I can’t imagine in one year or two what we will be able to create with Glide!

For now, I’m experimenting with Glide. I am planning to create tutorials & templates in french.



Why would Glide start selling templates @Eric_Slesinger?

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@Thomas_Dahm We see templates as a super fast way to go from idea to app, just like templates on Webflow or Wordpress offer speed and power to their users. Paid templates will also give everyone in the Glide community a way to make money! Our plan is to offer some paid templates of our own to test, and then allow anyone to sell their own templates.

online shopping template~

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Thanks. yes, I understand the power of the marketplace Maybe select some of the best templates from the community and run tests with those! Just an idea.

The Advanced Conference template would be the first test in this direction, right?

I think the idea is very valuable.

As someone already said, I think the 2 main categories I’ve seen are:
1.- Marketplace
2.- Booking engine (gym, doctors, consulting, etc)

Looking forward to what you guys come up with!

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A property guide template for airbnb or vacation rentals. This would be great for people who need a one off app, don’t have the technical ability or time to build one from scratch, and most likely wouldn’t become a pro plan user. Since every property is unique, this seems better suited to make it easier for each property owner to pay a one time fee to easily build their own app.

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Did you just describe ? :stuck_out_tongue:
jk, jk

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@eltintero hehe, pretty much. Your app is exactly what came to mind.

those vacation rental property owners are a tough nut to crack!

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Guys, after a delightful glass of red wine - I’m French you know, I have a question, or a challenge : providing templates m, I am okay, but how to you plan to deploy these templates?

Your end customers would have to create a Glide account, and make all stuff by themselves to deploy, maintain, and so on.

Or do you plan to sell them a template + a service? That’s what I am going to do, with my own brand. Sell a service based on a template, not a template by itself.

I am very interested in getting your feedback!


I agree with you. I’d rather offer a full service where the customer just gets his/her app in a App-as-a-Service, including upgrades, etc etc.

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