Glide will buy your template!

Update Jun 2, 2021: Taking a pause on this for the moment as have had lots of submissions. Thank you everyone for your ideas! We’ll open this up again in future.

Hey Gliders - hope you’re all well.

As you’ll have seen, we’re expanding the breadth of Glide-built templates in a collection we call Apps for Work.

We have many more templates in the works and are interested in getting submissions from the community!

If you have an app already that you think would be great for this collection we want to buy it from you. We will list it for free on the template store.

If you’re interested have a read of this page here to learn more about our guidelines.

Looking forward to seeing them! :raised_hands:


I didn’t know you guys had a dummy data database. This is cool.


Ready ? Set, Go ! I’m sure you will receive some amazing templates from highly talented Gliders !!


Diving right in!


Hi @JackVaughan, the idea is very unthusiastic.

Is it correct that you expect simple Pro Apps (500$ being less than 1 manday fee for a freelance)?

Do you plan to have a complementary economic model where
. you do not buy our app but we price it together with a recurring model
. share the fees?
This idea would apply to some ‘tough’ use cases which require the maker to have sector knowledge and, probable, spend several man-days to buid.



We are happy to negotiate, but we want to start with simple work templates.

If the app takes more time then of course we will pay what it’s worth.

This is how the Template Store works.

$500 Seems like a very low rate to the developer. Great upside for Glide to obtain institutional knowledge and apply it toward business app builds in perpetuity to generate income. Not so much upside for the Glide app developer in the long run.

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I have to revisit it, I did not remember that there was the option of setting a recurring economic model.

Taking advantage of this point that was raised here, I would like to share a point that I have been analyzing for about 2 weeks.

It is very clear that the purpose of the glide is to find its target audience, which is: entrepreneur/small to large company, in which wants to create an app in an easy and accessible way, with plans that fit in your pocket better than paying programmers. and wait months and months to get ready, paying thousands and thousands of dollars. This is Glide’s largest target audience. That is why today there is also the Enterprise Plan

However, there is a point here in contradiction: the fact that there are people in whom you want to develop apps for exactly that same audience. That is, Glide developers and/or no-code agencies that are starting and growing together with glide (which is my case). But, we know that there is still no plan for agencies or a collection model that can help us as your official partners. I am reformulating the way I can charge my customers myself, since all the platforms we use today charge a recurring amount (Glide, Zapier, Integromat, Cloudinary, etc.). Why not then charge my client a recurring amount? Of course! However, not everyone accepts - at least here in Brazil, where our currency is much more devalued than the dollar.

A quick example: The ideal world is every app that we create that we can use in the PRO version of Glide without passing this type of billing to the customer bearing the costs. $ 32 = BRL $ 180-200 (taxes included). That would be something like USD $ 180 just in costs, you know? We would still have to add one more profit, in order to win.

So, I agree with @AyS_0908, and yes @david, this is how the Template Store works, but not if you bought the template from us. We have to think of something that both win, because we who resell the apps, could at least have a lower value, or a plan that groups a number of apps - or something unlimited, similar to the Enterprise.

Anyway, my template is already being prepared too, but I would love a solution so that we could all win. By 2030 we will have part of the software made in the world by Glide, and I want to be part of it!


Good point ! I agree, one of the most (if not the most) important feature that has to be delivered is the ability to become “official resellers” with a portal where our customers will be able to manage their apps.

There’s a famous website editor allowing to do so, but I can’t remember it’s name…


Of course, it’s important to emphasize that we are not “resellers”, the vast majority of us build apps from scratch, and like me and some other members here I know that they do not only do this, but also help in processes, marketing, business management , etc.


Indeed ! I was just using a bold word to say something more complex. Thanks for pointing that !

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It’s important to realize that as developers you have spent years obtaining institutional knowledge worth far more than a $500 reward. Things like data models, fields, types, app architecture, industry insights. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge that you are potentially giving away for a very small gain.

You would be better served selling your app on the Glide app store or privately through monthly support plan via your agency to your clients direct.

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Whatever the pros and cons of this new announcement, I welcome it because it grants me access to an in-depth understanding of Glide”s glideapps which is different from say my glideapps in the store. Very refreshing. The money :moneybag: is good but I will not be selling any to a glide unless I get 50 dollars royalty on top every month.


That’s another suggestion, wiz lol

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I forgot to add the lol at the end…lol…But yeah great announcement…But i dont have any concepts…need to do some digging!

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Yes, this is exactly why I tried to propose in my initial message about “sharing fees on a recurring model”.

With a wider view, at the end of the day, this the Play&App Stores business model; developers are then motivated to provide the best of themselves, and this is win-win (developer brings expertise - store brings access to market).

I am convinced that this can be an inspiration for several NoCode platforms (the “market” side of things needing to be clarified).


Glide team, do you have a list of work apps that business’s would like to see? I have seen the apps in the store and they all in one form or another speak to every day business needs, which is really great.

It would assist.

Thank you