Which Glide apps make the most cash?

Interested to know who’s managed to monetize any of their projects?

Hi @mpl, if you are looking for ideas, have you had a look at the topic “How to monetize Glideapp”?

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Thanks - I’m looking for examples of those that have done it successfully, rather than looking for ideas myself.

There will be a lot bigger successes, but I’ll give you a small example. My children are in a band and have members that pay monthly for special content. They make their first 600 euro p/m now and growing.

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Thats nice - is the link shared on here? Would like to check it out.

You can become a free member here.
Weekly new stuff for free members and extra’s for premium and deluxe members.

My 2 cents: to me Glide is more suited to build “internal business apps” (apps used internally by businesses) rather than “consumer apps” (typically apps we all find in the app stores and on our phones, other than a few business apps :wink: )

In the current state of Glide, it seems to me it would be difficult to build a Trello or Evernote or Calendar (not that you would want to anyway) or business apps of that nature. To me, the idea rather is to build internal business apps that are bespoke, tailor-fitted to the internal needs of a business.

So my best guess is that those who monetize Glide the most successfully are those who are building Glide apps for other businesses, rather than monetizing an app directly.

Based on @erwblo’s story and his children’s band, my assessment is probably wrong :sweat_smile:. Congrats with that, Erwin!


:wink: Trello or Evernote are something completely different than a content app. With content you differ with the stories, not with the technique. And in this case the power of Glide is that it is easy and cheap to make changes in the app.

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Damn it Erwin, that documentary “Pip Blom: The Road” is interesting. I’m not supposed to be watching it! :laughing:

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Spotify instead so I continue to focus. :+1:

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The Glide Team is very present in the forum and @david was very involved in addressing concerns with the new pricing.

That being said, let’s take a step back: if you’re Adobe building Photoshop in the early 90’s, are you more concerned about the needs of designers who are going to sell their design skills to companies, or are you more concerned about selling Photoshop licenses to companies directly so their full-time employees can use the software?

If I were a SaaS company which Glide is, I’d want to do the latter and sell licenses to businesses. I feel like the Glide Team is striking a healthy balance.

It’s a funny story behind my discovery and continued frustration with Glide. I was, unfortunately too quick to switch from my existing no-code platform to Glide when someone incorrectly advised me that Glide was the answer to all my problems. I aborted one project and moved over to glide without the necessary due diligence and realised that over half of my planned features were not possible with Glide. I accept that we are not on the most suitable platform, but I am too lazy to switch back and it is easier to blame glide.

We built the Experts program to let people building apps with Glide make money: https://www.glideapps.com/experts

So, yes, it crosses our mind.

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Can you tell us what the top 5 performing buy buttons generate per month?

@mpl If you’re sure you cannot achieve what you’re looking for with Glide, you might have to switch to another solution.

You could also wait a little until the features you need are available. The platform is evolving very quickly.

If you haven’t already done so, I would also recommend you try the following:

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You are right on point. Internal business apps can be easily created for plenty of businesses because usually they are already using excels and spreadsheets. This is what I am doing with Glide to monetize apps.

And I have an app similar to Trello for project management. (Been my best selling app too)


Disagree. Glide is meant for so much more! That is why they made the maker plan. To extend beyond just internal apps and to use glide to “make” a difference!

That is why I even use Glide and I am a strong advocate for Glide beyond business


If you use Glide from the very start, it’s clear now what type of app is their focus, and I think it’s fair for them when we view it on a business standpoint. I don’t think Nathanael’s statement is wrong. It’s a powerful tool and can make a difference for businesses, but I’m not sure it’s the right tool for “beyond business” apps anymore.

Worth noting that Nathanael’s statement was from 3 years ago, before all the new pricing changes…


Yes… I see that now. Thanks @ThinhDinh