How to monetize glideapp

I want to monetize my glideapp how I can monetize other than selling app or paid membership.

Consulting or selling product within your app.

Hi @Wire_of_news_WON, welcome to the Glide community forum.

There are a few threads already around this topic, but off the top of my head, there are a few ways you can monetize your apps or skills using Glide:

  1. Create Glide templates and sell them in the template store.
  2. Create your own e-commerce app and sell via your app.
  3. Create a freemium app where users need to pay to access your app or premium content or features within your app.
  4. Become skilled at Glide and build apps for companies for a fee. Optionally (and ideally for you) you may include consulting and retainer fees for ongoing maintenance. See Glide for digital agencies.
  5. Become part of the Glide Partner Program and share revenue with Glide when building apps for organizations.
  6. Build an app, create the business around it and then sell the app/business (for instance on Flippa)
  7. There are probably other ideas which I haven’t mentioned.

Browse around the other threads to see what others are doing to see what might work best for you. Many Gliders are using the ideas above, so you’re asking your question in the right place :slight_smile:


But is it easy to sell your app after you upgrade to pro? Is there a tutorial onhow to do that, once you upgrade?