Announcing the Glide Partner Program

Today we’re introducing the Glide Partner Program, which will let you earn recurring revenue when you help Organizations build and adopt Glide apps.

Once you are verified as a Partner for an organization, you’ll receive 20% of Glide’s revenue from that Organization for the duration of the subscription.

The more you can help an Organization get the most out of Glide, either by creating useful new apps, or improving their apps to increase adoption, the more you’ll earn.

Apply to become a partner:

For example:

Suppose you partner with a legal firm to help them build an Organization with three Private Pro apps for 50 employees, and one public Pro app:

  • Three Private Pro apps with 50 users: $300/mo
  • One Public Pro app: $32/mo

You would earn 20% of the subscription fee, or $66.40, each month .

Suppose their Organization adds users and apps:

  • Five Private Pro apps with 60 users: $600/mo
  • Three Public Pro apps: $96/mo

Your payouts would increase to $139.20 per month.

If you know 10, 50, or 100 similar organizations and partner with them, you could build a healthy income stream.

Rules & Restrictions

  • As we get our program off the ground, partners must be US-based, with a US tax ID, and have a US bank account to receive payouts.
  • Only Glide Organizations can have partners—individuals (e.g. “My Apps”) cannot have partners.
  • Only Organizations created after September 1st can participate for now.
  • You are free (and encouraged) to charge additional consulting fees for building apps.
  • We reserve the right to terminate partnerships, or the entire program, at will and at any time—this is the ‘beta’ launch for the Partner Program.

We will prioritize based on Organization account size for the first round.


Does this apply retroactively to Organizations I’ve work with in the past?

For logistical reasons, that’s not possible at this time. In the future, we will consider previously created Organizations, but they must be on the new pricing structure released in September.

Do I need to remain a member of the Organization to keep Partner status?

No. Once we confirm that you built the app on the subscription, you can leave the Organization.

How do I apply?

You can apply using here We will prioritize applications by the expected value of Organizations you want to partner with, so please go ahead and sign up and start adding Organizations to your profile!


I would have liked to participate but I live in Italy.


Very nice program, but limited for now to US.


Done :wink:

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And what about paying with stripe or paypal?


This sounds great. Hope to see if roll out to Canada (and other regions) sooner than later!


Awaiting availability for brazil, :grinning:


While dont launch, let see if I understood, I have some questions

  • It’s only in Orgs I created or when I’m a member as well?
  • I have to submit this form everytime to be a Partner?

+1 from Canada

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Looking at the partners app shared, it looks like create one partner profile and then add all orgs you are working with.

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I would like to participate from France. when will it be possible ? Thanks

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Great idea, well done :slight_smile:

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This is extremly frustrating.
I added an org this month with 7 PRO licenses + 1 on my account +1 for another org and can’t benefit as I’m in Israel :man_facepalming:t3:


Hey Yinon, we’re working on it :slight_smile:

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So pity that it is not for Europe! It could be possible to do the same in Europe thanks to SEPA. I actually live in France and have a strong interest to this program.

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We provide IT support for SMEs in Japan. There are many needs data management for easy way, so please consider sales partnership program in Japan.

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I’m building the Nocode commnity at Vietnam. It’s better if that can expant to oversea.

Hello fellow Vietnamese! Great to hear about this, if you don’t mind please send me a link to your community so I can contribute.

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Sounds amazing!!

I wish you will make it for Israelis too.