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Has anyone had any success getting ahold of someone at Glide? I work at a nonprofit and we are running super ancient ColdFusion code for a directory that we don’t know how to edit, and came across Glide. I made a demo, and it seems great, but then the pricing changed and it seems .org emails would not be included in the Maker profile. We are a small nonprofit and there is no way we could afford spending more than 100 dollars a month on our directory (plus we need a stable pricing structure we know we can count on for years into the future). Our app would probably have between 50 to 100 users each month. Is Glide probably not a good option for us now with the new pricing?

Hi @Erika_Howard I am sorry but I do not have an answer to your question at this moment, but hopefully someone at Glide will read your post and hopefully understand the mess aka confusion they have created with the new Pricing Plans.

PS Cold Fusion, wow, that’s really old :).

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Can you help with this @NoCodeAndy ? Thank you.

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Thanks for the tag, @ThinhDinh!

It depends on the project. If you’re trying to build a simple directory with private access for your nonprofit team, then Glide may not be the best fit.

Question: Are all your .org users on the same domain?

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Hi @NoCodeAndy,

Thanks for your response! This project is trying to replace this directory that was built many many years ago in ColdFusion but we don’t know how to update it anymore.

Question: Are all your .org users on the same domain?

No. Esstentially, it would be an app directory for 110 organizations. When I made the demo I thought .org were included so I was thinking we could resrtict it to those organizations emails and then designate 1 person from each to update their employee contacts. However it seems that it is limited. Does Glide ever consider indivual cases when the use is soley used by non-profit .org domains? I filled out the non-profit application form in December but never heard back. I know Glide is based in the Bay Area, this app would be helping coordination for legal aid attorneys helping low-income Californians.

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Hi @NoCodeAndy

Any updates on this? I haven’t ever heard back from support, or sales, or the nonprofit form so I don’t know who else to contact.

@Erika_Howard - Hey Erika!

We’ve updated the Maker plan to try and automatically catch nonprofit orgs based on the email domain. (Your post was one of the reasons we prioritized this, by the way.)

I won’t get into the weeds, but there’s some AI and enrichment magic happening behind the scenes.

Try the Personal User Validator to see if your domains are cleared. If not, use the feedback function in there to let us know. :pray:

Hi Andy!

Wow, thank you so much! We have been evaluating different option and GlideApps truly has been something that seems perfect. I’m very excited that our legal aid attorney’s will have a working directory again!

Thank you again,