Glide for Non-Profits - New on Twitter!


I’m super excited to announce the launch of a new Twitter account dedicated to Non-Profits + Glide! This account is maintained by myself, a Glide Expert & Ambassador. Follow it here!

The goal of this account is to help promote Glide’s use as a tool for non-profit organizations to supercharge their workflows without relying on costly custom software or consultants.

If you use Glide at a non-profit organization, I’d love to hear your story — tell me how Glide has made a difference for you and your organization and share any projects that could spur the creativity of others in this space!

Post your thoughts below and I’ll be creating regular tweets to help show off Glide to others in the non-profit space. I look forward to hearing your stories and helping to grow this valuable community!



I’m not on Twitter, but my entire client base is nonprofit. I am developing a suite of software for small to mid-sized organizations.

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Great! Starting to follow right now!

I support a non-profit org here in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil and I’m planning an app for them. I also started to convince them to move some old schooll processes to Glide apps/pages. Soon I will share more with you all here.

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That’s awesome @Vitor_Rosas! Please share here or feel free to PM me more details once you’ve got them! Would be happy to promote your work on Twitter!

I’m very grateful to have been approved as a non-profit startup Glide user (as well as for the Twitter shoutout - Thanks, @kyleheney !). I noticed when I click “Plan Details” in the Billing section of the site, I’m taken to the standard Pricing page, which only shows Free, Starter, Pro, & Business/Enterprise pricing. Are the Non-profit details the same as the Start details? If not, where can I find a breakdown comparison between different plan details?

(By the way, in case you’re curious, here’s my story: The RespondNOW story + Beta v. 0.71 demo (12 minutes) | - YouTube (I’m now working on Beta 0.76))

Glad your application was approved @mbnownet ! The non-profit pricing gets you the Business tier but at the Starter plan price.

From my understanding, the main difference between the “non-profit Business plan” and the regular Business plan is the following:

The personalized onboarding that normally comes with the Business Plan, as well as email support is not included in this discount program. Please post all questions you have in our forum.


A very good friend just created a Web-site for a non-profit on WIX. He knows I am developing in Glide but he said he saw no mention of non-profits on the Glide web-site. I just put in ‘non-profit’ in the search bar on and nothing really came up about any specific program, etc except for a handful of templates.

Wix didn’t have much either but he/the board had heard of Wix and OK’d development.

I think Glide would have been a better choice and I am going to see if I can change their direction. Is their any references, examples, more info, etc (other than templates in the market place).

Right now it is a web-page only (as you can image being in WIX).

Hi @MattLB!

Great catch. It does seem like the Glide website is lacking in this area. For example, the note about non-profit pricing is a bit buried in the FAQ section of the pricing page, which doesn’t seem to come up in the search screenshot that you provided. IMO that should at least be the top search result.

I’ll bring this up with the team and see what they think about making this clearer on the website.


PS. I think Glide should have a 'Why Glide for Education and Non-Profit" section on the pricing page.

It is a much better alternative than WIX especially since every non-profit is a little or a lot different.

Good luck!