New to glide, happy to have found a community for support

Hello! I’m Amy from Wisconsin, USA. I’m new to glide and using the learning tutorials to figure out this amazing software. Glad to join the community.


Hello @Amy_Varsho! Welcome to Glide. :slight_smile:

What kind of projects are you working on?

Hello @NoCodeAndy I will be starting on a scheduling app for nonprofits to contact with each other for social good.


Welcome! You may be interested to connect with and also maybe apply for their special pricing for non-profits and schools.
Cheers! Also if you are looking for integration with AI or API feel free to connect!
The new Glide Apps doesn’t have a chat function but I created one with a look alike UI, take a look at It used free public weather API and ChatGPT to write a message.

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Hello Amy :wave: Welcome to Glide. It seems you are already off to a good start. For anything NGO related, you can follow the Twitter handle that was already suggested, or reach out to Kyle directly. @kyleheney

Enjoy building your first app.


:wave:Hello from the MKE!