Pricing for a non-profit organisation

Hello !!
I’m currently working for a non-profit organisation and we are interested in using Glide to manage their social actions.
Do you have a specific pricing for the non-profit organisations ?
Thanks for your help

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Maybe @Ian can talk to you about this.


@Ian do you have a good news for me ? Any specific pricing for qualifying non-profits ?

Hey @Fabien_Vermot thanks for asking. You can find our non-profit program in the FAQ on the pricing page.

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Thanks @Ian
I informed my client about this pricing
Any opportunities soon to have a free plan for non-profits :slight_smile: ?

Thanks Fabien! No free plans on the horizon other than what we currently offer.

Hi, can you tell me if I understood correctly.
A non-profit org can buy the Private App Plan with a discount.
The normal price for Private App Plan is $40/month (for 20 users) with an extra of $2/month per every user over 20.
The non-profit discount has the only difference in extra cost per user that is $0.2/m.

That’s right?

Yep, that’s correct.

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