Non-Profit and Educator Plan: The number of Apps & Pages you can publish are UNLIMITED?

Dear Glide Team,

I am writing to request clarification regarding your Non-Profit and Educator Plan. I have read in your plan description that it offers the possibility to publish an unlimited number of apps and pages for $25 per month.

My query pertains to whether this fee refers to a single price for all apps I may create, or if the cost is per individual app. In other words, if I subscribe to this plan, can I create and publish multiple apps at no additional cost, or will each app incur a $25 per month fee?

I would greatly appreciate clarification on this matter, as it allows me to make a more informed decision on whether this plan is suitable for my needs.

Thank you very much for your assistance, and I look forward to your response.

Best regards,

The non-profit plan gives you most of the benefits you would get with a business plan, which includes unlimited apps for $25 per month. While the price does not change as you add extra apps, keep in mind that they all count towards the monthly update limit of 25000. Rows are counted per app, and are a concrete number, updates reset each month.


The non-profit plan is amazing! It’s a fantastic way to bring the power of Glide to your organization and the cost is very affordable.


Thank you for your detailed explanation. I find the non-profit plan to indeed be an attractive option. However, I would like to inquire whether this pricing model, particularly the Educator Price and the School package, is applicable to a public university in Spain. Are there any specific rules or requirements for this? Your guidance will be greatly appreciated.

The best way for Glide to answer that question is to submit your application for a non-profit plan with your credentials as belonging to that university, and they typically will get back to you within a week or two after verifying your credentials.

Agreed. Nonprofit plan is amazing if you qualify. It does come with certain limitations though—no CSS, and limits on white labeling (I think?). @kyleheney?


Yes, I miss that ability. But I do not need it.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation for your valuable assistance. The information you provided has been of tremendous help, and I am grateful for your time and effort. Please accept my deepest gratitude for your support.

Yes, that’s true, you cannot white label a non-profit app. To me this makes sense though as non-profits are getting such a sweet deal that they should be screaming Glide’s name everywhere possible!


For sure!

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