Hi, I would like to create an invitation-based network - but Glide does not seem to have a decent pricing option for that…? There is the option where everybody in the world can sign up and the private option where I’d have to pay USD 2 per user/month - which would not be financially feasible for what I have in mind. Please let me know if I am missing an option here…

Users in the Glide pricing are for access to managing the Glide app. Users in your network are just rows in a table. You would only need to worry about the number of rows supported in Google Sheets or the Glide Tables. (around 40k)

@Jim_McIntosh, not exactly. Private apps charge per additional app user at the rate of $2 per person above the included 20 users. That is not per app developer. You may be thinking about the old organization pricing, which is no longer active. What you are mentioning is a Public with Email app, which means that anybody can sign into the app. A Private app will restrict who is allowed to sign into the app based on a whitelist of user emails.

@Gaudenz_Biveroni I think you have a good understanding of the pricing. Depending on the content and how secure the data needs to be, you could maybe get away with proper filtering and usage of Row Owners on a public app, but a Private app will allow you to open things up a little bit without having random users signing into your app. It’s all in what you are comfortable with and how secure the data needs to be. Just remember that the $2 price is for each additional ACTIVE user in a given month over and above the included 20 active users. If your network is under 20 users, then the pricing is manageable. Even if you have more than 20 users, and less than 20 are active in a given month, then it’s also manageable and you are only charged the base price for a Private app…

Thank you @Jeff_Hager for elaborating.
It seems to me that pricing excludes many community/association/network use cases where USD 2 / user / month is not feasible. In my case, it’s about a not-for-profit invitation-based network with 2’000+ members - USD 4k would neither be feasible nor reasonable. There should be a logarithmic scale; a flat USD 2 / user / month does not make sense to me…
(I developed a solution in bubble ( that is fully customizable & scaleable and it costs me only USD 130 / month flat. What I liked about Glide is its simplicity and design and the fact that I am restricted to keep it simple but the pricing is beyond…)

It may be worth mentioning that Glide says if you have 250+ members in a private pro app to contact them for pricing. :sunglasses:

Thanks, I did and they are responsive/open to it. They are offering discounts for non-profits and education institutions, but the pricing is not finalized yet and one has to fill in a form.

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@Jeff_Hager Thanks for the correction. I misunderstood. I’m still somewhat new to Glide Community. I’ll do more listening and learning.

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