Concern Regarding Glide Private Pro app

Hi Friends ,
You have any idea Regarding Glide Private Pro Plan ?

Private Pro App
Per month
Per extra user

$2 Per Extra user Means? ( Can I add Two more Glide app to this plan ) ?

Users means users, not apps.
So the Private Pro pricing is for a single app, and it’s $2 per user with a minimum of 20 users.


Thank you for the clarification
Is there any Trial for Private Pro or Premium plan ?

Yes. There is a small collection of templates that you can use with a 14 day Private Pro trial.
You’ll find them on your Glide dashboard.

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Thank you !
But Problem is that unable to change the table in this trial plan !

Just to clarify this point…it’s $2 per additional user AFTER the initial 20 users.

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erm… whichever way you look at it, it’s $2 per user (unless you pay annually)

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Depends on how you look at it. :wink:

  • $2 per user with a 20 user minimum
  • or, $40 base price, which includes 20 users, and $2 for additional user’s beyond that initial 20

Same either way, but I want to make sure it’s understood that it is not $40 including $2 per user for those initial 20 users. Seems like that part confuses some people.