Is non-private Glide pricing per app or per user?

I am currently on a free account, but want to use glide more in the future. If I sign up for pro, are all my future apps covered by pro? I only have one app and its well covered by free, but I am trying to understand if I upgrade, am I upgrading only this app, or am I upgrading my account (and hence all apps created by me)? Sorry but this is confusing.

The pro plan is per app.
You have to upgrade each app that you want to have as Pro.

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From the Pricing FAQ

When I upgrade, are all of my apps upgraded?

No, you upgrade apps individually—create as many Personal apps as you’d like, and upgrade just the apps that need more features or capacity.

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If you don’t mind me asking what are the reasons you are considering PRO? Not all apps would benefit from PRO and having just 1 or 2 apps on that pay plan might be enough for your scenario.

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I was considering PRO to build capacity to make larger apps and scale them up next year, however I have misunderstood the business model, so I will keep free for now.


Hi, I have doubts about the plans. I signed the private app plan, because I only need to authorize certain users by email. And I will have many records.
However, the question is: if I want to create three apps on the private app plan to use valid emails to login, then will I pay 3x $40 per month? And another question: I can have up to 20 users to use the app and those over 20, I will pay $2 more per user. would it be this? thank you guys, thank you to anyone who can help me.

That is correct.



Thank you @Pratik_Shah !!