Price for acount gmail in future?

Currently known glideapp has a price policy of 1 month or 1 year for 1 app. However, I would like to ask if the admin has set a policy for a gmail account? Will the future have an app with this policy?

I don’t understand your question. What do you mean by “set a policy for a gmail account” and since I don’t know what you mean by that the next question is not understood either.

I think he means a flat rate per user, not per app.

Sorry for the meaningless expression.

my mean is 01 account can update pro to design for some app.

Are you looking for something like Glide Orgs?

I am planning to create some non-commercial applications for public use. Due to the heavy data and need some features only in pro version. So with the cost of upgrading to only 1 application, it is very difficult. Naturally, for applications I create commercially, I will accept the current policy of Glideapps today.

So a mid-tier pro plan? Something between free and $19/month?

As much as I’d like that, frankly I can’t see Glide offering it, as it would make for a confusing array of plans (especially factoring in Orgs).

It sounds like you’d like to pay per Glide account? How many apps would you be able to create? What price would you suggest?

My concern is, I want to experience some of the features inherently new to pro. Because when designing an application if not a pro, it cannot be used. Forced to register, then register, then only be used for 1 single app, can’t switch to another app or later find it unnecessary to use the pro feature.

The admin survey from opinion about the price and quantity is also very difficult for admin and me.

Therefore, I propose a new plan that does not need to change the price but only opens the feature to allow designers to use the pro feature for a period of 1 month, for example. After 1 month, if the application has been published and used, then the system will automatically shut down the pro feature, requiring payment. This is also convenient for designers to exploit and understand the pro features in the design process, so that the product achieves the best results. Designers are also not bound to use only one registered pro application.

A few personal comments, can be annoying for the admin. Expect sympathy. Thanks very much.