Pricing Bomb by Glideapp - Is it true?


Did anyone got email form Glide folks telling that they will be now charging per user $5 and going to charge by active users?

I am really worried about this as this is really frustrating and it will force us to move out,

Any one has any ideas?

All this narrative of “The No-Code Advantage for Your Software” appears to be only getting you in situation where you are stuck and invested time on building something to realize that overnight they can make it unviable.

This is unbelievable.

Hey @Arctic_Invent! We have no firm plans to change pricing, but are researching how we can improve it. Customers are very confused about public versus private users, and updates. We want simpler, more predictable pricing and will keep our customers updated with any changes.

Also, we have a strong track record of grandfathering customers on old plans–we still have hundreds of customers on legacy pricing from 3 years ago. As long as customers are complying with our terms of service, this is our default move.

One situation we’re currently investigating is pseudo-private apps–apps with high numbers of public users who are signing in as employees. Using public apps for internal use at companies is a violation of our terms of service.


Thanks David for letting me know. last time the prices were suddenly changed from yearly to monthly with steep increase with no real option given to us. We have still continued despite having challenges and adding payment every month (due to banking regulations in India).

I am really worried with this change, the whole product adaption becomes challenge for us. We are using Glide to develop internal apps and adding $5 per user is as good as adapting Zoho or other solutions on which we are already running our operations.

I request to kindly consider the end use cases before such changes.

Also, we will be happy to know if we are somewhere not complying with T&C, we will surely respect it.



Also, we will be happy to know if we are somewhere not complying with T&C, we will surely respect it.

If you have an app intended for internal use, the app must be set to private. From our terms of service:

Applications that are primarily used by (or intended for use by) Internal Users are referred to as “Private Apps.” If you create a Private App, then (i) you represent and warrant that you will not attempt to publish any Private App as a Public App, (ii) you acknowledge and agree that Glide reserves the right (in its sole discretion) to determine that any Application that you have published as a Public App should be reclassified as a Private App…

If you have such an app, please ensure that is set to Private.

I just saw this looking to use Glide for an event application AND to develop for my own company. Can you clarify the following:

  1. What plan allows me to create an event management app for 300-500 attendees to use for a 3 day conference ?
  2. What plan allows for me to create a client portal for my customers to use to review their order and maybe order more products. I have 3000-5000 clients and growing.

Thanks in advance.

Hi David, you should considered implant a more affordable plans for Latin America folks, our currencies are not the same.

Please take the flutterflow’s example:

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We are! We are working on improving our billing system for the current plans–this should allow annual payments, and we hope localized pricing.

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It depends.

  • If your App is essentially read only, where anyone can access it and your users don’t sign in or create profiles, then you could do this comfortably with a Starter Plan.
  • If your users will be signing in and creating profiles, then you would need a Pro Plan, which allows up to 500 Public Users.
  • If you need to restrict who can sign in to those 300-500 users (in which case they become Private Users), then you’ll most likely need an Enterprise Plan

For this you will almost certainly want to restrict who can sign in, which means you would definitely need an Enterprise Plan for that many users.


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