A Question Regarding Private Pro Apps

Hello Glide team,
I’ve made an app for my client which needs the “Emails Whitelist” and i don’t understand the pricing

  • 32$ per month for the pro app.
  • 2$ per user for the private app for 20 users.

My questions are:

  1. is the private app an addition of 2$ per user on top of the pro app? (32+40) or just the 40$ for the 20 users?

  2. my app is currently filtering the data for the app by email, will this still work without the private upgrade?

  3. how do i make my app private if i already on a pro-plan?

This should help:

  1. The way I understand it, the private plan will bill you $2 per active user per month, but the minimum amount bill will be for 20 users. The the base amount per month will always be at least $40. For any additional users for that month above the minimum of 20 users, then you pay an additional $2 per additional user.

  2. You can still use a non-private app and filter by email, but that will not stop anybody else from signing into your app. Also, this will not guarantee that any app data is secure, unless you use Row Owners. Roles are another option, but they can only be used with Private apps.

  3. I believe you would possibly be prompted to switch plans if you select a different privacy option in the app settings. Most, if not all, pricing is pro-rated with Glide.

You can also try to upgrade your app in Glide, or play around in your app’s billing settings, for more details on the pricing.

Private Pro apps are $2/user, $40/mo minimum.

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Thank you david :slight_smile:
so if I’ve got it right the private pro app is 40 for the 20 users and 2 more for every active user above 20, am i right?

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David, Do I add more users (greater than 20)to the spreadsheet related to access and will the billing automatically happen for the 21st user?

I believe it will happen once 21 active users have accessed the app within a month. You could have 100 users with access, but if only 20 use the app within a month, then you will only be billed the base rate. If 21 of those 100 users uses the app in a month, then you will be billed the base rate, plus the amount for 1 user. I believe it is automatic.

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After I have added a new user to the sheet for access… the new user is not able to access the app.

Are they entering the email exactly as it matches in the sheet? Have you reloaded the sheet in the glide editor?

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Yes, I triple checked. same problem.

For some reason now, the access permission works now.
I tried multiple refreshes… it works now.

Thanks Jeff.


Might have just taken a little while for everything to refresh. Glad it’s working now.