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I have read some similar Topic, but i can’t find a clear answer. Just a preset message that invite to read pricing plan. But this is not clear for me.
I Have one Pro App where i want to use whit email Whitelist whit 8 users.
If i have just payed a Pro Plan, now if i active email whitelist i have to pay yet for 8 users? I Have to pay all year a Pro Plan + 1,5$x20(min.users)x12 to use this functions? Thanks

@Jacopo_Chiapello If I understand you correctly, you are asking for the pricing of a Private Pro app for 8 users.

According to Glide’s new pricing:

Billed yearly: $1.50 per user, per month, minimum 20 users
Monthly total: $30

Billed monthly: Billed yearly: $2 per user, per month, minimum 20 users
Monthly total: $40

Basically, if I understand the pricing correctly, for Private Pro apps, $30 is your monthly starting price (billed yearly), and it goes up from there based on every additional user above 20 users.

You can try

If your app uses the allowed email list, it is private.

Look at the Private app pricing on the pricing page, and you will see how much each user costs. Multiply your monthly users by this price to get your app cost. There is a minimum of 20 users, so if your app has 8 users, you must pay for 20.

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Yes, this Is clear but if i payed 2 days ago 228$ for pro App. Total year price to pay Is 228$ + 360$??

If you payed yearly, I think you should be paying 30x12 = 360.
If you payed monthly, I think you should be paying 40x12 = 480.

I could be mistaken of course.

You might want to contact support to clarify your question? (

If you paid $228, then congratulations, you are an existing customer with access to our previous pricing and plans. You can use ‘allowed email list’ with unlimited private users for that price. Existing customers get the old pricing until October 1 (you just paid for a year, so, you are done paying for a year — you are not magically charged an additional fee on October 2, for example).

More here: 🆕 All-new Glide Pricing

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This should be $20 for monthly billing?


That’s confusing. You picked a Basic Public app but you named it “Basic Private.”

Ugh! My bad.

Shouldn’t do complex work like simple math after staying up all night. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks David, all is clear now. In 2021 i Will pay 360$ to use the same App whit max 20 users.
Thanks for info.

Hi guys,
was wondering if i want to downgrade from Pro plan to Public Basic app, i still can use as a private domain without glide branding (logos) and costumers can visit my web without login as a public too?

Thanks in advanced

I can’t say exactly for sure because I don’t know. I’m not sure if a Custom Domain would still work. I believe that is a Proonly feature. Also, I believe the Basic plan does have Glide branding. The Basic plan is just a step up from the Free plan that gives you extra rows, storage, and a couple of little extras.

But yes, it can still be a Public app.

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