Private users meaning

I had read related topic somewhere in this community, sorry for I cannot find it again…

may I clarify the meaning of user count for “Private Pro App” → “20 private users”?
is this means “con-current user license”? Max. 20 user login at the same time?
if this is the case, so my user profile list can more than 20 user, is this correct?

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Yes, that’s correct.

With Private Pro apps, Glide will bill you based on the number of active users per month.
So you could have 1000 users in your User Profiles sheet, but if only 20 use the app in a month, you will only be billed for 20 that month.

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so does it means if this month I have 30 user had login in the app once, even they are not at the same time, then I need 30 private user license this month … :raising_hand_man:

Yes, that’s correct. But you don’t need to “buy” 30 licences. Glide will just bill you each month based on usage. So once you sign up for a Private Pro plan you are committing to a minimum of $40 per month - which covers your first 20 users.

how about if I go for yearly subscription? if I joined plan with 20 users, some of month those have 30 users login, then Glide will bill to me separately??

This is where I’m not 100% sure (and please note that I’m not in any way associated with Glide), but the way I understand it is:

  • If you take a Private Pro subscription and opt for annual payment, then you are essentially committing to a minimum of 20 users x $1.50 x 12 months = $360
  • So Glide will charge you $360 up front, and then for any month during the subscription period where you exceed 20 users, you will be charged $1.50 per additional user for that month.
  • So to take your example of 30 users in a month, you’d pay an extra 10 X $1.50 = $15 for that month.

But again, please let me stress that I do not represent Glide in any way, and the above is just my understanding - which may not be 100% correct.

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Hi :wave: anyone can help me understand this old topic.

Once the user had logged in on that month, it will count as “active user”?

The discussion above seems to discuss the old pricing, which changed a few weeks ago

New pricing:
Pricing page

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Essentially yes. When a user signs in during a given month, they are considered an active user for that month. But now with the new team pricing, they are counted as an active user for they entire team instead of a specific app or page. The active count resets at the end of the month or your monthly billing cycle.

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