Understanding GLIDE Plans... CONFUSED about only using ONE APP

Greetings, I would like some assistance understanding Glide’s Plans.

I am using a discount to purchase the Pro Plan and these are the messages I was sent:

FROM GLIDE: I can see you have an established Glide account with a few teams. In order to get the discount you will need to decide what app or page you want to upgrade. Also tell us what plan you want as well as if you are planning on an annual or monthly purchase. Obviously annual will give you the most benefit. Once you have decided please reply back to this email

MY RESPONSE: Could you help me understand your request better? I thought that I only needed to upgrade my account created with [my email] to a Pro Account. Are you saying that I will only be able to create a single app if I upgrade my Glide account to Pro? I am confused about what you mean about selecting an APP or PAGE.

FROM GLIDE: All of our subscriptions are for single applications, they do not apply to all applications (mobile apps) or pages (our new webpage builder style apps) in a folder. The AWC discount we offer is for a single subscription for a single application (app or page). If you visit our pricing page you will see the various subscriptions available for either an App or a Page.

Currently with the free plan I am able to create more than one app. What am I missing? Are they saying that I can only create one app? Or that there can only be one app published at a time?

I have created many mini apps trying to learn Glide. Are they saying that I can only have ONE APP in order to use a Pro plan and that I cannot create anything other than that SINGLE APP?

Why allow users to duplicate apps? I am really confused. Anyone who can shed light, please respond. Thanks in advance.

Subscriptions are per-app, not per-account or per-team/folder, as of now.

You can create as many apps as you want, but they all start at Free. You have to upgrade each single app to Pro if you want them all to be Pro, that’s what they mean.

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Thank you… that helps a lot. I did not understand that each app starts out Free. Okay, so if I am beta testing an app then I should wait until I am absolutely sure it is how I would like it to be before upgrading?

There are some features that I would like to access with Pro, but I am concerned about not messing anything up, so I keep making copies of apps when I figure something out that was tough for me to learn.

Correct. Wait to go pro…though if you decide to cancel mid-month, I believe your account is credited a prorated amount of unused time.

Next month or so, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise regarding the number of pro apps you’re allowed to have for a single flat rate :wink:


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YAY!!! THANK YOU FOR THAT! That is GREAT news! :raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5:

Having a Page’s-based client portal for executives/managers and a separate APP (all based on the same data) for the field team would then be TWO different charges even if the same person is using both “accounts” and from their perspective it is ONE solution.

This would double the per client cost based on this model since I need to pay for the APP and Pages subscriptions separately for the same users.

Is this correct? TIA

Yes, that’s true.

But it would change soon, alongside many other things regarding pricing.

Thanks for the update - looking forward to more from Glide

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