Glide Orgs are now available

You can now create an ‘organization’ in Glide to collaborate on private apps with others. We’ll share more information in the coming weeks but you can create an org today, and here’s a video with some of the ideas behind orgs:

Initial Limitations

  • Orgs cannot contain public apps, just private ones
  • You can only invite people who already have a Glide account
  • You can transfer apps into orgs, but you cannot transfer Pro apps into them
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Sign in first to, then at the bottom left to add an organization.

Thanks @Robert_Petitto - yep, this video is still unlisted and are just sharing with the community for now. Landing page is coming. :+1:t4:

I am all over this for sure. Thanks for this great new product.

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Love it. Going to test this with a few customers in the next few weeks. :+1:

I suspect it’ll blow their socks off. :wink:

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Think there’s a bug here - moved my app to the org and now the reload sheet button isn’t updating tabs!

What do you mean, “updating tabs”?

Is it possible to rename / delete orgs?

Delete, yes. Rename, not yet.

so cool! !
Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 7.59.48 PM
"published apps can only be transferred to org with a paid plan
Please upgrade Mary’s Apps to transfer published apps.:

is here a way around this?

If you don’t have any users yet you can duplicate the app and then move the copied version across. Haven’t found another way round it yet…

If I add/remove a tab on my sheet, and then click ‘reload sheet’, glide isn’t finding the changes. For one of my apps the reload sheet button doesn’t work at all when it’s in the org. However it was working fine in my private account, and when I moved it back it also worked

You mean, if you add a sheet, click reload, then try to add a Tab, you cannot pick the sheet? Can you make a video of this happening? Note: empty sheets do not show up.

“ * You can only invite people who already have a Glide account”

Question - So I can’t add people to the app without them signing up for a glide account?

Do the users benefit from ‘per user data’?


This is fixed – now you can invite anyone to your org.

If you use email whitelist, people can use your app without being added to your org.

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Great thanks for confirming

  • Can I create public apps within an org?

I heard that this was being released? Looking forward to it, will be a huge advancement fo collaboration.

Will pricing be changed per user (not per colloborator)?


It’s now available. Public apps are priced per app, just like Pro apps in My Apps.