How to make a public app in organization

Hello, Glide Team.

I can’t publish how you sign in to your app in your organization.

First of all, I made an app on my own.
At the time, I had set the sign-in method to public.

I charged the organization today because I wanted to edit it with members of the organization. And then we moved that app to the organization.
However, apps that have moved to an organization can only change the sign-in method to “email whitelist” and “organization members only”.

Strangely enough, I was able to move the other apps I made with the new template from an individual to an organization and publish them.

Why is this? Is this what it looks like?

Please support us on this.

Thank you very much.

We are fixing this this week. When you transfer to orgs, you’ll be able to pick public vs. internal.

For now, just duplicate your internal app and publish it within the org—you’ll be able to pick public then.


Thank you for your reply.

Yes, sir! I’m looking forward to seeing it get better!

Hello! I have this same need. Is there a way to do this now in the UI? Or need to duplicate and republish still?