Explanation of Organisation concept within Glide


Is there a complete explanation on the use of Organisation within Glide?

I can find a number of scattered posts but nothing that gives a clear description of :

  • use case
  • limitations
  • security
  • cost
  • etc

Apologies if already covered in the documentation, please post a link.

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This is very much needed :raised_hands:t5:. I’ve found that you can’t designate apps as public (no sign-in) once you transfer them to an org. Also I saw that the icon is a “folder”, yet Glide experts say that this platform doesn’t use “folders”. So Organizations are pretty confusing and limiting.

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I’m not sure if this is in affect now or on October 1st, but Organizations are changing to simply become folders that allow separate billing and multiple collaborators. Wait a couple of days until October 1st and see if you still have questions.


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HI Jeff, I had an expert do some work on my app. I created a Org folder to share it. Now I want to move it back out of the Org folder into My Apps so that I can reapply my Pro Subscription to it and continue working on it. However, I see no option to move the app out. Can you help me?

For reference: