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Does anybody know if it’s possible to move a “Draft” app from an Organization back into My Apps?

I’d like to know this too. Previously, Orgs were pretty strict about moving apps in/out. Now that Orgs are supposed to just be “folders for apps” , it should be possible to move them in and out as needed, but I don’t want to try in case I’m wrong!



@david or @mark can you give me a pointer please? I need to move this app out as soon as I can. Thanks.

We will add this functionality soon.

@david in the meantime can I “go live” knowing that I’ll be able to move over seamlessly? Or can you move it over for me?

You will be able to do this yourself soon.

@david do you have a timeframe please? I have a customer who wants this app so I need a way to move from Organization to My Apps and transfer subscription from an existing demo app in there?

I don’t understand. What are you trying to do?

I have an app that I built out within an Organization currently in draft mode. I want to make this app “live” within My Apps. I cannot see how to transfer it from the Organization to My Apps. I could make it live within the Organization but I have no real idea what’s happening to Organizations and their pricing structure and within what timescale.

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Apps in My Apps and Orgs have the same pricing—an org is now just a folder for your apps, with collaborators.

Ok. I wasn’t certain that was “live” yet. Understood. How are you defining a “collaborator”?

Anyone you add to the Members section. Those are free and unlimited.

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Sure but what “special powers” do they have? Are they essentially Glide users, with their own Glide Google login, who will also see this app in the list of apps they can edit? They are not related to users who “use” the app?

They are people with their own glide accounts who can make and edit apps in your org. They can “collaborate” on apps.

They are not necessarily users of your apps. You don’t even have to be a user of your own apps.


Got it - cheers

Except they’re not just folders because I can’t do a subscription transfer?

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You cannot move subscriptions between My Apps, Organizations, or accounts. We do not have subscriptions-per-app with our new pricing—there is one subscription for My Apps, and one for each Org.