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Hi there,

I need to publish my last work to check it on android and else, but the share button do not ask me to publish first.
Ive created a different folder than My Apps, but from the project that are in My Apps I can still publish those. What is the differences?
And in case, can I move my work from the newly created folder to the My Apps?

Now I see I made a big mistake to put it in the so called PRO folder, so I need to put it back to MyApps.
please tell me that is possible!

Glide doesn’t have folders, it has Organizations.

When you create an organization, before you can move apps into it, we show you the pricing for publishing apps in the organization. Did you see this screen?

ehi David, thanks for your info.
but I`m looking for answers!

It’s not possible to move apps out of organizations back to My Apps.

ok thanks

Hi David. When will this be possible? There are no warnings that this is not possible when moving an app.

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Hi David. Just a small observation. If you don’t have “folders” but organizations then maybe not show a folder icon for organizations? image you could use a building or anything else to show an “organization”.

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I really wish I knew that you couldn’t move an app out of an organization Folder. Now it appears the only option is to recreate the entire app again?

I see this option.


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Jeff, Thanks for this. It seems I’ll have to rebuild the entire app. It’s unfortunate this isn’t made clear beforehand.


I have to emphasize this feedback as well. I did not understand the first time I transferred an app into an Org. I might be imagining it but perhaps soon we’ll be able to move them out or at least that Glide will consider making it so in the future…not sure why they have to get locked down in the org folder?


Give it a couple of days. Like I said, pricing structures are changing on October 1st, so maybe then they will allow org apps to move in and out of orgs. At the very least, you should be able to keep it in the existing org and work with it just like any other non-org app.


We originally restricted moving apps out of orgs to protect companies’ apps from rogue employees taking them. We will soon allow anyone to transfer apps out of orgs, though, and we will introduce ‘company plans’ at some point for people who want controls like this.


Any word on this? As of last night, still can’t remove app out of an org.


@Robert_Petitto or something like this:

Yep. I had already voted for that :wink:

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How do I share the link to my app that bring the user to the Mobile view and QR code to scan. The app that I created only brings user to a page.

Thank you in advance for guidance!

Is your app an older Classic App, or is it a new App (formerly Pages). Newer Apps automatically adapt your view based on the users screen resolution.

I’m not sure. I’m panicking because the draft app I created a couple of weeks ago was exactly how I envisioned sharing the app in a presentation with school systems. Now I can’t figure out how to share it so you can download the QR code.