🆕 All-new Glide Pricing

Ok. Some more pricing questions:


Can I clarify that these are now merely folders within which you can hold your apps e.g. a folder for live customers, a folder for demos and a folder for ideas? There are no commercial conditions or other constraints attached? They are just for “organisation”. If so, when does this kick off? October 1st?


Can I clarify what you actually get for the $99 pcm? I think it’s the ability to create unrestricted apps i.e. Private Pro but only to demo to potential customers? If so, at what point is the demo deemed to have completed? e.g. if a customer trials a solution is that still a demo? This is not clear to me.


How about introducing a “demo licence”. This would essentially be a free month of use, with all features included (i.e. Private Pro) BUT limited by rows, maybe 200 or even 100. Something simple. It would then give businesses in my position the ability to build, demo, tweak and demo again, for a month max, in order to get new customers onboard. Crippled in terms of capacity but fully functional in terms of features?


That was my immediate first reaction too. However it’s just worth checking that you can’t configure your app to use Public with Email rather than Pro for users that are not “admin”. I was able to do this in pretty much all of my use cases with a few tweaks to tab visibility.

Thank you for being so understanding with so many questions. I have read countless of them and I need to ask you. I have an app that is open to the public and does not need email to log in and an adm app with 5 users who need login and permissions for changes, so the amount you would pay is for 5 users plus monthly subscription? I add that just like Glide is helping me to develop a business, that this can also bring good business for you. I am glad that they are having fairness in dealing with large companies that fail to pay 100,000 to pay 19.00 It doesn’t really apply. Courage David to continue responding and considering each important question.

Nice to increase prices, but… what about deeplinks, or just url pages to share… and analytics… for 9$ plan… cause paying is cool, but at the end, if its to have less than with the competitors… i don’t see the point really…

Hey, Davi! Try this: http://glide-price-calc.glideapp.io/ :smiley:


A demo app is no longer a demo when it goes into production use for the customer. I.e. when your customer’s customers start using it for real. When the app “launches.”

Organizations are merely folders, and they are also billed individually. Each org has it’s own billing.

We’re not planning to add more switches and conditions to the pricing at this time. But maybe a future version of Agencies will work this way.

I suppose it would be unless they could do a blind scan of the email domains and assess what percentage of over 20 users has the same one (less google, hotmail, etc). No human eyes involved.

Anything over 30 percent or some such number would be deemed a business.

Or maybe they could extract just the domain from the email when pins are sent out and then if five in a row are the same or match the admins, it’s tagged as a business.

I’m just talking out my butt, but I hear computers are pretty smart these days.

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Great initiative @david !!!

But the app need an option to delete selected plans so you can calculate different possibilities…


was planning on launching my app in 3 weeks, have got 1000 people on the waitlist, and was hoping to use an email whitelist to handle sign in.

Is my maths wrong, or has this just turned my monthly cost from ~$30, to ~$750…?

Appreciate this won’t be the case from day 1, as I already have a pro subscription, but if these costs are incoming I will probably have to seriously rethink whether I can use Glide at all

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That’s right. We’re happy to offer you a deal for more than 250 users, as it says on our website. And maybe your app will become public after your roll out — let us know how it goes.

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This is the main point I am getting from this discussion. A short story:

We are a partner for a membership management product called Wild Apricot. Wild Apricot has a free mobile app for their membership management platform with private Members only features to maintain and renew your membership profile. It also has event registration features and a member directory with similar glide like features. The app is deployed only through the App Store. It also had zero capability for icon and app name branding. It cannot be customized either because it is developed by the vendor. It probably cost well over 100k to develop and it uses the Wild Apricot API.

We started to develop a public app that syncs the Wild Apricot database between a Google sheets and Wild Apricot using Integromat. It’s entirely possible that our small company may be able to deliver an alternative public app to our Wild Apricot customers at a fraction of the cost of our customers developing and deploying an alternative mobile App to their members. While private app pricing does seem expensive, many just need a simple public app that is deployed by link to their membership base. Glide sounds so far like an extremely attractive options for agencies like ours.

I look forward to learning a lot more about Glide.


This is the “cost of doing business”. There’s a cost to doing demos to land paying customers. Surely you don’t expect Glide to give you a free platform to make you money?


I am completely confused by the term “Google Sheet reloads.” What exactly counts as a reload? How is it triggered?

I did finally find the Quota info on the app, but I’m still confused as to what constitutes a “user” and what constitutes a “change.”

Is it triggered from someone using our Public app (we don’t allow public changes to our Google sheet)? Or is it only triggered when I open the app to edit it? Is it every time I make a single change within the editor? Is it when I make a change in any tab of the Google sheet? Adding a line in the Google sheet? Adding a column in the Google sheet? Hitting the “refresh” button in the Editor? Is it different if I change the Google sheet from inside the editor vs changing the sheet manually in Google itself?

A Google Sheet reload happens whenever your Google Sheet is changed by a person, either by editing it in Google Sheets, or by doing something in your app that edits your Google Sheet. Whenever this happens, Glide reloads your entire Google Sheet to show the latest info in your app.

How is ‘user’ confusing? If I say “my app had 25 users last month,” what could this mean bedsides 25 different people used my app?

There is an FAQ on the pricing page with more clarification about “user,” we will add info about reloads.

Thanks, David. That answered my question on the reloads. My question on users was whether on a public app it included the editors of the app as well as whatever public users log in. No biggie. Just wondering.

Ah, yes. When we say “users” or “app users,” we always mean, the users of your app. We never mean, the people who create or edit apps.

And your answer indicated 1000 reloads per month – but that wasn’t clear on the pricing. Is it also 100 Zaps per month?

Yes, you can read more here: https://docs.glideapps.com/all/etc/faq/limits-on-free-apps

Hey @david !

Got some questions and maybe some bugs:

  1. If I go to an agency plan and sell my app to a client, will he be able to “Allow anyone to copy the app and sheet” or the sold app will work like a template? Is it possible to make a copy OUT of this account and TO this account? Finally, how can we look into the agency plan to see and to try how it actually works? Maybe you can have a free trial for like 1 week or at least a video. $99 is quite expensive to pay to just check whether it will work for you or not and there are a lot of details to check.

In ideal case, when running an agency, I’d like to have two options on how to share the app:

  • Simple “Allow anyone to copy” as it is now on simple accounts
  • “Sell” - the same as above but without possibility for a client to resell the app, like a template now
  • Also need to have an ability to copy apps TO the Agency’s account from other accounts.

Are these scenarios possible?

  1. If I have an Org Public app created before the 1st September, when will I be able to copy the app from this Org account to another account?
  2. I have created a new account and created an Orgs. I created an app there. Why I cannot transfer the app to my simple account, not the Orgs one?
  3. I also see an error message when I am trying to transfer an app from simple account to an organisation on this new account.

Thank you!

Hi @David huge fan of Glide, building a public facing app with a very low price point per year for consumers that even $0.75 per user per month would be too much. Can I email to share more details with you offline to give you context on my use case for using glide to build a subscription business? If I were using it for a corporate solution the price point and approach would work well. Thanks again for a great product.