Move an app out of Organisation

I moved an app from My Apps into a new Organisation I created. How do I move it out so that I can share it with my free account?

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Another question for @david or @Mark or @Jason

We cannot move apps out of orgs yet.

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Is it possible now to move from org to normal?
How can we submit a template from org?


This is tough, I took all this time creating an app for someone within an organization. Now There is no way to remove it from the org and make it public?


What about between organizations?

Has this taken effect yet? If so, how well does it work?

I have no idea. I haven’t ever used organizations, so I wouldn’t know. I imagine you could try with a sample app, or see of there is an option to move it out in a similar fashion to however you would move it into an organization.

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I just stumbled upon a workaround to this.
I had a free app in an Organisation folder and I wanted to get it back into my personal folder so that I could delete the organisation and retain the app. This is how I managed to do it:

  1. Made the app in question copyable
  2. Opened the link and made a copy - this copy went into my personal folder.
  3. Deleted the original app from the organisation folder.
  4. Deleted the organisation.

Organisation gone, and app back in my personal folder.


How did you make your app copyable? @Darren_Murphy
I am unable to find that option in any of my Org apps

It’s in the usual place, in the Sharing Settings:

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 6.10.20 PM

I noticed now that I can see the option in Orgs where I am the owner and rightly so.
This is great. I don’t think this was available before.