Delete Folders?

Is it possible to delete folders? I created a couple of “folders” thinking that they were tools to organize my apps, but have since realized that they are used for organizations. Anyways, I just want to get rid of them now but there doesn’t appear to be any way to delete them.

I would love to have a way to truly organize my apps the way we ususaly put files into folders - hopefully as more apps are created this will evolve at some point.


Go to Org>Billing>Three Dots in the corner> Delete Org

And I use orgs to organize my apps into folders all the time! Heck, I even have one called ‘community’, that way the examples I make for this forum don’t get junked up into my personal apps.


Thanks - this was super-helpful

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*** Important ***
When you move an app to another folder, you MUST reset the Privacy options, as after it has moved, they will no longer be set and the app will not be accessible. I found this out when a user contacted me after I had moved an app - she could not longer get into it. After checking all the settings, I saw that this was the cause and changing the setting to Public resolved the issue. I’ve since gone into all of the apps I moved to a folder and updated them.


Hey, enjoying the talk, I’m not at my laptop now

Can we already return an app to “My Apps” again once we added in an Org?

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No, unless you have an agency plan, I suppose.


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I assume if we have a Pro app then this won’t be an option?

I haven’t tried with a pro app, and I’m not game to try - hahaha :rofl: :rofl:

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Yes, I think with Pro apps won’t work @Darren_Murphy way

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Thanks @Darren_Murphy! I’ll save it to test afterwards

i am new to glide , i just want to know HOW CAN I MAKE FOLDERS.

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This will get you started: Teams - Glide Library

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