Features for organizations

Hi. I have been using organizations for a little while but I have now come across some issue that I would like to send as feature requests.

  • It should be possible to move apps between organizations
  • It should be possible to rename an organization
  • It should be possible to share an app within an organization for test purpose on a phone/tablet. It could just be for all members of the org.
  • Maybe don’t use a folder icon to show organizations in the menu (its a bit confusing)
  • I should be possible to control what apps each member of an org. has access to. Maybe not all members should have editing rights to all apps in an org.

Thank you for a great tool and hopefully these feature will come in future updates. :slight_smile:

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We have changes to orgs coming soon! These are great ideas.

Your org apps already have a privacy setting called “Org members only,” which you can use for testing.

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Hi David

Sounds great I will look forward to the changes :slight_smile:

Can I use that option without starting a paid subscription? We are still undecided on internal user or public. But I have to choose before I can share the app. Or am I missing something?

Yes, Orgs are now free. New Orgs can publish Personal apps, your org will get these features October 1.

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