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My little App is spreading and I 'am wondering what are the best practices.

I understand I can share the app (making copies of the spreadsheet).

Most of those I share with need me to help them, and there’s only so much I can do on shared screen.

I think Organization is the way to go, but I have 2 questions:

  • can you change Roles? Owner / Editor
  • what’s the price plan. The wording is confusing to me. Is it 29USD / per month / per user, or is it 29USD per month / app???

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Public apps are $29/month each, regardless of their users. This is why it says “unlimited users.”

Perdon my French :wink:

I’d understood “unlimited users pay individually 29USD”

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Does this help? https://org-calculator.glideapp.io/ :smiley:


Hey @david, I got another question about Organization.

What if I already built an app solo, now I want to create an organization, bring the existing app and invite someone to help me with it?

Is there any way I can do this?

Ok, that’s 2 questions, but they’re pretty much the same.

Thanks for your help

We are working on transferring apps to orgs — right now it is technically possible, but does not work for Pro apps and does not allow the transferred app to become public. This should improve in the coming weeks.

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David is this still the case?

I already have a published Pro app, and I’ve just created a new app as the model has now changed to a two-sided app scenario.

I’ve just created an org, what are the steps to move the two apps into the org, bearing in mind that one of them is a pro app already?

Is it as simple as selecting ‘Transfer app to org…’?

Yes, it’s that simple now.

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Hello David,

I have a pro app (not in an organization) and have paid for the annual plan.

If i move the app to an organization, do i have to pay again 29$/month for that same app? if i had created the app directly in an organization i would have only paid 29$ /month to get the same features as a pro app in a non organization? I am understanding it correctly?

Other question, the app has been created on behalf of a restaurant but the buy button is connected to my own stripe account. If i disconnect strip from my own account it disconnect all my other apps. How can i have the restaurant owner’s stripe account connected to this specific app?
Thank you,