Transfer ownership of organization


I added an organization and invited people to work with me. Naturally, I am the owner at first.

Then I want one of them to be the owner of the organization.

Apparently there’s no obvious way to do so.

Any suggestions?

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This would be handy for Glide Experts too. If we started an org on behalf of a client and then transferred it to the client upon completion.


So do you think it is not feasible yet?

Seeing that this question was asked in May. Is transfer of organization available now?

Is it possible to have multiple organizations within a single account? Or just one?

@_eric You can create multiple organizations in your account.

Thanks @nathanaelb I was unsure but good to hear you can. Do we have the ability to control privacy or user settings at the organizational level?

IN an org folder, if you have multiple apps in an org, all members of the org can access and edit all apps in the folder. You cannot set specific edit permissions for those members, all access is the same.

If you want person A to only access a certain app, don’t put other apps in that folder, create a new folder…

I believe this is something that Glide is working on in terms of limiting access to apps within a folder.


Folders in Orgs, Folders in My Apps

Folders yesterday, Folders today, Folders forever :raised_hands:


So, I can’t transfer my app to the organization I set up. Keeps giving me an error. Help!

Apparently, only free app versions can be transferred. I tried to transfer a duplicate (free) version of my Pro acct app and didn’t get an error message. Anyone know why this is???

I’m not entirely sure how Glide handles transferring Pro apps, but I have only transfer free apps so far and have no issue with it.

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I just sent a message to support. I’d think that Pro acct transfers would make the most sense since those are paid for and are more likely to need administrators and paid developers.

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It may be based on if the you have an old pro plan or the new pro plan, which began in October. There are some restrictions on what you can and cannot do with an old plan.

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