Copy Org app

Is there a way to copy an app in Glide Organisations to a new normal app? Moving an app from org to normal isn’t available I believe. How do I use my existing work done on an Org app and build a normal app?

Did you solve that issue Manan?


We have no plans to offer transferring apps out of Orgs back to My Apps.

Any way to copy the work done in an Org app to a new normal app? Or to start afresh?

Understand the answer - it’s clear. Would like to know why Glide will not support this? I want to duplicate an app and put it outside the Org so I can adapt it for another industry. The fact that I can’t is beyond an inconvenience. I want to pay Glide when I need an app that requires more than 1 internal app user, but I don’t want to be locked down like this. :upside_down_face: Am I missing something? Is there another approach to accomplish what I want to do besides duplicate it in the Org? I understand I don’t need to add a second member, and the app will be Pro - but then you don’t offer annual payment terms for Org apps…

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This will change soon, but to start, only the org owner will be able to do it.

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Great - thanks! I would think only the Org owner should be able to do it in any event. Annual payment terms for orgs forthcoming as well or no?


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