Glide Data Editor 'Team'

Not sure if this is possible.

I would like to give someone access to my app glide editor so they can add some data.

Is there a ‘team’ function where I can share a specific Data Editor with someone to do this? Also by using their own login as well.


Create a Glide Org.

It’s the button right below ‘learn’

And transfer the app there.

However, you both cannot work at the same time.


This is the correct answer. There will be a warning when someone is working on the app but you want to take over.


For the questions of how many people and who would be using the app, does that refer to the back end or front end?

Also, what if I make a copy of the app? Can they work on the copy while I work on the live app?

It refers to the front end.

If you make a copy of the app, their edits won’t transfer over to your live one.

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Even for image uploads?

I was referring to layout changes. If it’s image uploads pointing to the same sheet then there should be no problems.

But they can do it from the live app as users as well, so not sure why we need a copy here.


Possibly so I can work on the live app at the same time. I read I can’t make a copy after moving it over to an organization.

I am in a lot of orgs and I can confirm you can still duplicate an app inside an org.

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So the warning here is false?

If you don’t have to duplicate it back to your personal account then it’s not a problem.

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I actually duplicate it to test out additions and changes to the app before making them on the live one.

And you can’t duplicate it in the org, for whatever reason?

Try making the app copyable, then copy it.

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I’m not sure, haven’t moved it over. Just want to be sure before I do, then find out I can’t.

You can always try with a sample or duplicate app to see how it works.

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True, Ill try that. Thanks!

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OK, I think I figured out a solution. Do you know if someone can work on the copy of an app while I work on the live one?




Perfect Thanks!

I will keep the live app in my personal folder, and move a copy of the app to my organization folder for someone else to work on.