How to copy components associated with tab from one app to another?

I have two apps that use the same sheet. I created a components associated with a tab in one app that I would like to copy to another app and am trying to avoid manually recreating each component on the destination app. Is this possible?

Short of copying the entire original app, no there is no way to do that.

@Jeff_Hager, thanks.

  1. I would like to be able to have two screens open in order to edit one part of the app while viewing another part. Currently, Glide only allows me to have one tab on one browser open to the app. What is the best way for me to achieve what I want to do?

  2. In order to do the above, I created an organization and ‘transferred’ the app to another member (an email which I control). However, I now realize that by transferring, there is no copy of the app remaining under my original account. Furthermore, I cannot seem to transfer the app back to the original email. Is there a way around this?

  3. I would like to be viewing two different apps at the same time. Preferrably using the same browser. Glide currently kicks me out of the second app I open if under the same account. What is the best way to do this?

  1. I’d probably create a series of screenshots to reference.

  2. You can’t move an app out of an org. Once it’s in there, it’s stuck in there. Instead I would have opened the app to copying, view the second account in an incognito browser window and copy the app from the published url.

  3. Same as 1 above.

Thanks, @Jeff_Hager. Please clarify some of the things you are recommending for me.

  1. What exactly do you mean by “open the app to copying”?
  2. What ‘second account’ are you referring to? Do I need to create a new Glide Account with a different email?
  3. What exactly does “copy account from published URL” mean?

For 1 and 3:
The published url is the url you use to access the app.

For 2:
You mentioned you had another email. I assumed you had a Glide account associated with it. Copy the app using that second account. If you do this in an incognito window, then you can still log into Glide in a regular browser window. This way you can have two sessions open to compare your components.