Bringing features of Glide Apps into other Glide Apps

Hi there,
I am new to Glide. I watched a bunch of tutorials, downloaded some of the templates, and built an app. However, three of the separate Glide-created templates have great features programmed. I want them all inside of the same app rather than separate apps. Is there a way to import one app into another, or copy certain features and bring them over so I can essentially create a super-app with many of the templates Glide provided?

I see this has been addressed in previous posts; it seems this is not possible - but some of those posts are older and not sure if anything new has rolled out that allows for this.

Correct, it’s not possible.

But honestly, if you are new to Glide then taking a template with a particular feature that you want and then building it out in your own App by referring to the template is a great way to learn.


I figured as much… thanks Darren :slight_smile:

Also as long as applications are in the same team, you can copy-paste component from the layout editor of one application into the layout editor of another. You will still need to bind/point components in the layout editor to columns in the data editor, but copy-pasting components is still a little time saver, especially if there are many on the screen.