Import glide table to another glide app


I realy love the Timesheet app for my staff but i want to use it into my actual glide app without copy/paste everything manualy. I actually tried this method but i made some errors. So, is it possible to import glide table in glide app 1 to glide app 2?

Thanks for your help!

I think you’re referring to the ability to “merge” a template to your existing app? I don’t think that’s possible. You have to match all the related tables’ data structure, then build the components and actions to match the two.

If you’re talking about the actual ability to import a Glide Table to another app within the same team, then Glide Tables’ basic columns can be shared across apps, but that’s about it, not the front-end configurations.


This is the message i had

So you want to simply transfer a template to a team but it’s not possible to do so? How do we purchase the template “as a member of the team” @SantiagoPerez?

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@ThinhDinh when you are purchasing the template, it shows you account then you need to select the team where you want to have that template.


Thanks Santiago, @Alexandre_Bedard please follow the instruction above.

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