Can you stack more than 1 template in a single app?

Hi guys,

The templates I’ve seen is only for 1 function, e.g. group chat, staff rosterings.

I’d like to be able to add multiple templates in the 1 app. Is this possible?

For Example
1 chat template for staff
1 forum template for users
1 template that pushes out notifications
1 template to show timetables for users
1 template that provides links for external websites
1 template that limits users that can use our app based on email address or username (this I know is not a function yet)

is this doable with Glide?


Short answer is that’s not possible. You would have to rebuild those functions into one master app yourself. There’s no way to copy components across apps, as of now.

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Oh :frowning: Thanks for the quick reply ThinhDinh.


You can merge Google sheets from that apps and link Glide tables into a new app. then manually copy glide logic and user specific columns… that’s the only way for now… i hope Glide will make possible merging apps soon… this would be a great feature to build complex apps fast.

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There might be a word around, check:
Make an app of apps? - Help & How To - Glide Community (
it might not be the most elegant, but it works.

@mark this was what I sent you and David a PM on. Hope you saw it.

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I know I’m late replying but I’m with ThinhDinh on this one…I’ve had to do the same. But it’s not that bad. Tedious? Yes! But merging sheets and getting data to the right point is pretty easy.