Make an app of apps?

Hi there!
Is there a way to make an app of apps?
For example, having an initial splash screen with buttons to select (user dependent) the app you want to open (think about the same exact app, but linked to a different world region and to a different spreadsheet), then being redirected to that app and start using it; with the option to go back to the “choice” splash screen and change app selection.
I was imaging that these “choice buttons” might be linking to the web address of each single apps, but I do not know how it would be rendered in Glideapps…

Anyone tried something on this (apart from making a gigantic spreadsheet, that I wouldn’t like to manage…)?


Since you can embed Glide Apps in a webview, I think the answer to this is a yes, but still, you would have to manage multile apps on your dashboard.

@ThinhDinh actually I tried it with a couple of test public apps and I think it works neatly, if the set action is to “open web view”.
In addition, at the top, it has the possibility to go back to the original app (the selection one).
I will now have to try it with an app with email access…

Then it will render a sign in screen if the user has never accessed that app through the browser, I believe.

@ThinhDinh yes, correct. Just tried.
It works well. So that is the solution to have a Glide apps managing more than 1 spreadsheet!
it should be advertised more…