URL Link to open another Glide app

I can’t figure out how you use image and link to screen . For instance I would like to use a home screen then open other glide apps such as employee app, schedule app, requests app. Any suggestions on how this can be accomplished. I’ve searched the web without any success. Thanks in advance

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There is an Action option on the right side on the component settings. There you can select Link to Screen.

If you are linking to separate apps instead of tabs inside one app, then you need to use a button and set the action to link to url.

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@Jeff_Hager is right, but unfortunately the links you open will open within your app - rather than open another Glide app. Apple doesn’t allow this feature yet but we asked them to do it in a recent video! :wink: https://youtu.be/xZ6K0_YX4Gs?t=142


that would be great @JackVaughan :crossed_fingers:

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