Link to URL Outside of App from Image

I don’t see a way to link to a URL outside of the app. I’m using the From URL option to display the image (works great!), but when I click on Features, and then click on the dropdown list to select Open Link, it only gives me options to link to data within a column from 1 tab.

Am I missing something?

You need to setup the relation with the other tab where it match the item and then use Lookup to get the Url. Then you will be able to see the Url in the dropdown.

I can’t just link to something, much like I’m linking to display an image from url? I kind of don’t want to create a new tab just for one link that doesn’t link to anything within my app, ya know?

Can you explain where is the image URL and where is the Page URL stored. Can you share snapshot of your sheet?

You can create a single value column that contains a url.


Image is being hosted in Cloudinary. So, I’m linking to that externally with the From URL option (handy!). I don’t have the link that I want the user to go to anywhere in my Sheet because it’s just a link, ya know? Just thinking it would be so much easier if I could just paste a link in there, like “To URL” or “Target Link”, instead of creating a new tab just for one link with nothing else attached to it. And I don’t feel like it should go in my Sheet anyways since it’s just an external link, ya know? If I was linking to a screen, then yes, I’d probably want to have a name column, description column, etc. But I’m only wanting the user to click on the image and go to a link outside the app on the internets.

Within a new tab with no other columns but the one url?

Got your point. So basically you want that Target Value for Open Url should accept custom url which can be manually added.

Don’t see any such feature though :frowning_face:

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Yep. I’ve noticed too that there doesn’t seem to be a way to link to a certain page within the app. So, if I’m on Google Docs, for example, and I’d like to link to a specific page within my Glide app, I can’t do that. Or can I?

You can’t. Deep linking isn’t a thing yet. Only Link to Screen where you’d need to rebuild the Google Docs detail page.

What I do for links is create a sheet called resources and place all my choices, links, single images, etc within. On the screen that needs the link for every row, I use a single value column that mass fills the table with the one link (you could also use a template column, but the single value gives you the flexibility to edit the link later in the sheet).

Any way you could provide a quick screencast? I’m getting confused on how to set this up in Sheets and Glide…

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Thanks, @Robert_Petitto. So, I created a quick screencast that shows what I’m needing to do. But basically, I don’t want to drop an image link, or a target link within the same Categories tab because it seems like it would inherit the Inline List settings that I have in there, which is square tiles. And I don’t want it to be square. I’d like it to be like the bottom image that you see that has Created by RocketEdTech (which is linked to a screen), except I need it to be linked to something outside the app. Oh, and I want it to only appear on that first screen, which is pulling from the Categories tab that I showed in the screencast. I’m still stuck…

And yes, it’s a single link. It actually points to a different Glide app I’ve created.

I think you are over thinking it. If the sheet you showed is the tab you are showing in the detail style layout, you are currently sitting on the first row, but displaying everything in an inline list on that row. Just follow @Robert_Petitto’s directions, at least for a template column to start. It will add the url on all rows, but only the first row is read and the open link action will use that url template column. You do not need to add another row to your sheet.

Ok, I was able to get it to work. Here’s the screencast. I just added another column within that Categories tab. For some reason, it just felt like I was going to mess things up if I put a link in another column that’s inline with data from a row that it really has nothing to do with.

Also, not sure if you noticed, but the padding or margin above that banner image I put in there is about zero and doesn’t look right with the rest of the square tiles I have in there. Is there a way you guys could add some padding in there to match the inset padding of the square tiles?

Thanks so much!

That works just fine. I personally would have done the template or single value column, but there is nothing wrong with how you did it. If you wanted, you could do the same with the actual image. The more you can do to make everything data driven through the sheet, the easier it is to maintain if you ever want to make changes without having to open the glide editor. There are plenty of options to achieve it. You also can use the rich text markdown component to build an image link with markdown, but the way you did it is better.

As for extra space, try the empty character method.