How to get a link to specific screen?

Hello! Can you please explain me, how can i get the link to specific screen, without action in the app?

I use webhook to add a row in my google sheet
Glide generate a screen using data from this row, i need links for each of this new screens / items.

Is it possible to get it automatically?

So do you mean the deep link?

The only way to get it without any actions in the app is to go to the live app and copy paste the link yourself to the Sheet.

Or you can use a set column action before “view details” that writes the link to a specific column of your choice. That way, any users can “help” you write that link without any problems in the user experience.

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thanks for the answer
it’s not what I want, but it’s better than nothing.

set column action writes a link to the previous screen and to the internal screen of a specific item
Or am I doing something wrong?

the only way for me is set column action inside detail view
but unfortunately this is not a suitable solution

I assume something like this would work (in an inline list compound action), plus a view details. Can you confirm?

No, it set a link to app main screen, not to detail view

When doing that in the real app, it gives you only the link to the app itself, not the deep link, is that correct?

If so, that’s a bug that hasn’t been fixed in a while.

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ooh, well that explains something I was bumping into last week.

There is a workaround, which is to use the Open Sharing Options action. Then copy the link from your device and manually add it to the sheet/table

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you have to do this action in real App, not in the app editor, plus screen have to be result of a list redirection

yes i tried it in the app not in the editor

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Back from the dead,
Anyway to do this not via the real app/ manual copy& paste?

If you’re on Glide Apps (formerly Pages), you only need the rowID and know the structure of the deep link to configure it on the fly.